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Products and Applications
We advise, consult, suggest and provide solutions to food and food related industries (in general) on setting up, establishing and adopting methods that is accurate, affordable and applicable in their daily quality assurance program. We are knowledgeable in all aspect of microbiological assays from Hygiene Monitoring, Environmental Testing, Quality Assurance, HACCP and Pathogen Screening. Adapting and in cooperating these innovative and yet renowned (AOAC) methods for your routine and in house testing requirements.

Core Products:

♦ Analytical Test Kits (ELISAS) for monitoring Residues, Food Quality Parameters, Allergens & Other Parameters for Food & Feed Quality Control

♦ Quality Assurance, Hygiene Monitoring, Automated Pathogen Screening, HACCP Microbial Validation Solutions

♦ PCR – Advanced DNA-based detection of bacteria and other microbes in food and environmental samples

♦ Dehydrated Culture Media, Chromogenic Media, Ready to use Culture Media, immunological & Biochemical Identification Tests

♦ Food, Feed, Water and Veterinary Sampling Products

♦ Water & Dairy Microbiology Assays

♦ Remediation & Water Quality (SRB & Pesticides), Food Safety (Food Pathogen Systems), Agriculture (GMO/ Meat Speciation)

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